Recycling Value Chain And Community Empowerment Matrix.

Our Clients & Associates

What Makes Us Special

• The high quality of our recycling capabilities.

• Our quality consistency of our products and services.

• Our good track record in recycling since our inception.

• Our reputation as "honest brokers" & "promise keepers" (we do not make promises that we cannot or do not intend to keep).

• Our reliability in meeting customer deadlines.

• Our employees' welfare, management and development.

• The specialised nature and quality of our plant, machinery and equipments.

• We have our own weighing scales on our premises which facilitates and increases loading and offloading efficiencies.

Our Mission

To consistently supply high quality recycled material to the manufacturing industry and the manufacture of state of the art recycled products for the established business sector and the general populace.

Our Vision

Empowerment through recycling person community at a time.

Clean and Unpolluted Environment

• Streets, Roads and Passages in Urban, Peri-Urban and Rural Areas.

• Lakes and Dams.

• Institutions of Learning, Businesses and Community Facilities.

• Rivers and Waterways.

• Recreational Spaces and Parks.

• Communities and Living Spaces.

• Landfills.